Brian Deegan

Birth Date: 9 May 1980 Home Town: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Nationality: American Web:

“The General” Brian Deegan is a pioneer in action sports with success on both two wheels and four.

Aged 17, armed with only a credit card, a dirt bike, and an old truck, Deegan left his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska for Southern California with dreams of becoming the next big name in motocross.

He promptly pioneered what is now known as freestyle motocross by “ghost riding” his bike across the finish line at the Coliseum in LA in 1997 – astonishing the crowd, stunning the AMA officials, and setting in motion a new breed of competition.

The American has since become the only rider to compete at every X-Games, amassing a total of 13 medals. He recently ventured beyond the motorcycle world into four-wheel competition, winning Rally Cross gold in 2011.

That roll of honour comes with a price of course, and Deegan’s road to the top has not been without challenge. His career is marked by multiple near-death experiences, several broken bones, a lost kidney, and a severe spleen injury.

A founding member of the ‘Metal Mulisha’, Deegan makes his ROC debut in 2011.

Career Highlights

  • 2011 X-Games Rally Cross gold medal
  • Total of 13 X-Games medals collected so far
  • The first rider to land a 360 in competition
  • 1999 World Freestyle Champion

Other Achievements

2011: Won world championship off-road race at Crandon, US

2010: Lucas Oil Driver of the Year

Stunt rider in the movie ‘Fantastic Four’

ROC Highlights

  • Years contested: 2011

2011 will be Brian’s first appearance at the Race Of Champions