Felix Baumgartner

Birth Date: 20 April 1969 Birth Place: Salzburg, Austria
Nationality: Austrian Web: www2.felixbaumgartner.com/

Felix Baumgartner took the world’s breath away on 14 October 2012 when he jumped from the Red Bull Stratos balloon on the edge of space.

In the course of just a few minutes he set world records for the highest balloon flight (38,969m) and the fastest freefall as he became the first human to break the sound barrier under his own steam.

The Austrian had been planning for the attempt for five years. But he also has a number of other spectacular feats under his belt as a daredevil and skydiver, starting with the lowest ever BASE jump from the Cristo Redentor statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1999.

Baumgartner finally retired from the daredevil business after his Space Jump, the last of an incredible 2,500 parachute jumps. He now intends to work as a helicopter rescue pilot but he also competed in the VW Scirocco Cup at the final round of the 2013 DTM season and intends to do more motor racing.

But first, the world’s fastest man without an engine has a chance to take on many of the world’s fastest with an engine at the Race Of Champions.


Career Highlights

  • 2012 Jumped from the edge of space, breaking the freefall world record
  • He was also the first man to break the sound barrier under his own steam
  • Racked up a total of over 2,500 parachute jumps

Other Achievements

2007 BASE jump from the 91st floor of the Taipei 101 building in Taiwan

2003 Sky-dived across the English Channel wearing a wing suit

1999 World record for lowest BASE jump from Rio’s Cristo Redentor statue

ROC Highlights

  • Years contested: 2013*

2013 would have been Felix's first appearance at the Race Of Champions but the event was called off due to the political situation in Bangkok